You must remember that you can get resources for a cloak only in the mountains and after winning the third boss.

In the early stages of the game, you will spend most of your time on the starting island. The size and biomes on this island differ depending on random seed. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed to receive meadows, which is the safest place of all. Given the amount of time you spend in this place, it will involuntarily become your operating center and, most likely, your main base.

At some point, you will have to leave the first island and go to other places. These expeditions are risky - if you do not have onions, you will meet the snake during rafting, you will find the tragic end. In addition, if you arrive on the shore of the new island and die there, you will again appear at the starting point of the Renaissance. Therefore, it is recommended to build a small base camp as soon as you go ashore. Such an improvised settlement should consist of a covered house with a bonfire, bed, a workbench and at least one chest.

You are faced with a special task - to destroy the Kage -Sama - Lord Yabu ministry. Hayato, Yuki and Takuma should penetrate the palace and kill the Lord. You will start in a small village. The only entrance (at least for Takuma) is the gate protected by samurai. There are two ways to approach the goal and quite easily eliminate the guard. You can tease the dog and make his owner investigate what is happening and kill him with a sniper rifle. An alternative is to add poison to his tea. The handle of the dog and the gazebo, where he drinks tea, were marked with a X on the map. Later you will have to get to the starting point; However, each companion will receive a gun that should facilitate the task. It is best to destroy as many opponents as possible in advance. The level of development of this base largely depends on the biomes. If you decide to settle in the meadows again, then the simplest building without a fence will be enough. If you want, for security reasons you can also surround it with a picket fence.

If you decide to build a base in one of the most dangerous biomes, for example in the mountains, you need to make sure that it is properly protected. Most importantly, you will have to surround it with a picket fence in order to protect him from the outside world. Of course, such a barricade does not guarantee one hundred percent security, because it can be destroyed. To strengthen the protection of the stockade, attach the flooring, which will be used as a position for shooting. Sharp stakes can also be installed to further increase safety. These pointed sticks will cause damage to anyone who encounters them (including you). However, it must be remembered that they can also fail and, therefore, will require repairs. It's time to talk about the Scarab Wins casino bonuses that you love so much. There are several options here, and we'll cover them all. Using more bonuses is always the best choice that all players should consider. On your first deposit, you will receive 10 free spins and a 10% refill. The fourth deposit bonus at is 75 free spins and 15% match. All free spins are available for Scarab Riches. No Deposit Offers - yes, here you can get no deposit bonuses not from GamStop. In fact, a new player can choose between 5 euros free or 50 free spins to use on the slots.